14 Cocktails To Try in Airlie Beach This Summer

Summer’s here…

When we think of summer we think of cocktails and what better place to refresh your palette than in Queensland’s favourite coastal beach town, Airlie Beach. With an ever-growing number of new restaurants and classic and experimental new cocktails being released every month, it’s easy to miss hidden gems dotted throughout the region’s menus. We’ve compiled a list of our favourites that you must try. Rain or shine there’s a cocktail for everyone. 

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summery cocktail at northerlies, airlie beach

‘Freedom Bramble’ – Northerlies Beach Bar & Grill

Beach Dining • Seafood • Cocktails

The first drink on our list is one that is as balanced as it is beautiful. A gin & soda themed beverage but turned up 12. Sweet Chambord is cut through perfectly with the citrus elements and the savoury tones of earthy rosemary tie the Gin in making for a drink that you just can not fault.

Ingredients: Fords Gin, Chambord, lemon juice, rosemary & orange syrup, soda, rosemary & dehydrated orange
Pro Tip: Organise the courtesy bus to take you out there. 

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the zombie cocktail, fish dvine

‘Zombie’ – Rum Bar / Fish D’vine

Seafood • Rum Bar • Cocktails

For those that love tradition, the Rum Bar is the place to be with all their cocktails paying homage to the extensive history that is the spirit of Rum.
Although they do an unbeatable signature Mojito, their stand out drink for us was the ‘Zombie’. This punchy & fruity powerhouse is layered with full-bodied rum, tarty passionfruit and sweet botanical orgeat syrup.
Rum Bar run a fantastic rum tasting experience too. Check them out.

Our favourite dish: Various Rums Absinthe, passionfruit, orgeat & more
Pro Tip: Stay for Dinner At Fish D’vine.

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breakfast omelette topped with salad and fried egg, by My Rainbow Bakery Cafe, airlie beach, whitsundays

‘The Whitehaven’ – The Garden Bar Bistro

Cocktails • Seaviews • International Cuisine

Often when creating drinks that represent something it is easy to focus simply on the visual aspsects. Not only has The Garden Bar Bistro captured the swirling sands and azure waters of Whitehaven Beach in its presentation but also what the elements inside it represent. When you first try it you are expecting a cool, simple and fruity taste but are instead hit with not only this but waves of coconut cream and malibu instantly reminding you of a Piña Colada. If there is one drink in the world that represents the beach, it is the Piña Colada. ‘The Whitehaven’ is a well thought out, and clever cocktail that is a must-try this holiday season.

Ingredients: Vodka, Malibu, Blue Curacao and coconut cream
Pro Tip: A Great Spot For A Date.

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omelette, greens on toast, baked potato at Cafe One 3 in Airlie Beach

‘Pornstar Martini’ – Breeze Bar

Cocktails • Tapas • Amazing Service

A stand out in the cocktail scene in Airlie Beach, Breeze Bar has a range of cocktails so gold it makes it near impossible to choose a favourite. Featured here is their famous ‘Pornstar Martini’. A tropical fruit-based sensation that is cut through with rich vanilla and a crisp Prosecco chaser. Well layered and beautifully presented, this cocktail is a great starter to any evening out. 

Ingredients: Vodka, Passoa, vanilla, pineapple, passionfruit
Pro tip: Try The Other Cocktails

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breakfast panna cotta, at Fat Frog Beach Cafe, Airlie Beach

‘Summertime Sangria’ – Anchor Bar

Restaurant/Bar • Seaviews • All Day Dining

Fruity, refreshing and with just a nudge of Aussie, the ‘Summertime Sangria’ or ‘Tinto De Verano Jug’ is a poolside winner. This spanish wine cocktail is simple in its construction but ticks all the boxes when it comes to a fun and tasty drink. A perfect starter to an afternoon in the sun and best shared with a few friends. Their other Rose Spritzer Jug is stellar too.

Ingredients: Red wine, sliced citrus, Solo lemon squash, berries
Pro Tip: Don’t Forget To Bring a Towel

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salmon and avocado on toast by Garuma Cafe, Airlie Beach Main street, whitsundays

Moscow Mule – Sorrento Restaurant & Bar

Italian • Seaview • Live Music

An American classic that took the world by storm, the Moscow Mule is a summertime staple if you’re spending an afternoon at Sorrento’s. Fresh lime, Vodka and crisp ginger beer come together over ice to fend off even the hottest of afternoons. Order a couple and watch the boats come in from their day around the Islands.

Ingredients: Ginger, Lime, Vodka
Pro Tip: Best Enjoyed With Afternoon Live Music

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burger on a table with a plane in the background at The Whitsunday Coast Airport, Hangar Cafe & Bar

‘Aperol Spritz’ – 20 Degrees South 
(Whitsunday Sailing Club)

Seaviews • Seafood • Sailing

The perfect addition to any summer day looking out over a sea view, the Aperol Spritz is an elegant drink which demands a mature palette. Ice cold Prosseco poured over ice sits perfectly with the sharp, orangey flavours of Apero. Topped with bubbling soda its an invigorating drink that is sophisticated in its simplicity. 

Ingredients: Aperol, Prosecco, Orange 
Pro tip: Stay For Sunset

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salmon bagel with cream cheese and rocket by Wisdom Cafe in airlie beach

‘Persian Cloud’ – The Rocks

Restaurant • Bar • Pool Club

Perhaps the Kings of poolside live music, The Rocks Restaurant, Bar & Pool Club has the rest of the puzzle pieces in order when it comes to an environment to enjoy cocktails in. What can only be described as a French Riveria vibe, The Rocks Pool Club has an arsenal of summer stunners with their stand out being the luxurious ‘Persian Cloud’. Deep berry and Chambord fruit flavours match excellently with a good measure of clean vodka and a fun and candy floss garnish. 

Ingredients: Smirnoff vodka, Chambord, mixed berries, lemonade, Persian floss
Pro Tip: Venue Best Experienced In The Day

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strawberry daiquiri by the pool at The Pub Airlie Beach

‘Strawberry Daiquiri’ – The Pub

Contemporary • Live Music • Sports Bar

Possibly the most exciting place to watch cocktails getting made, The Pub absolutely nails their blended cocktail range. Their Strawberry Daiquiri has everything you would expect from it. Big fruit flavours, an ice-cold slushy texture and gorgeous presentation. A classic done well every time. 

Ingredients: Strawberries, Rum, Lime Juice & Sugar
Pro Tip: Keep An Eye Out For Their Amazing Live Music Events

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cocktail at the deck restaurant, airlie beach

‘Pink Chick’ – The Deck

Pizza • Contemporary • Cocktails

The best things in life are free sweet and never more has that sung true than for this signature Deck Cocktail, ‘Pink Chick’. You simply can’t go wrong with this one, lychee is a winner no matter the context. Combine this fruit with aromatic rose syrup, Bombay Gin and a well-balanced measure of grapefruit to bring it all together and you’re onto a crowd-pleaser that you can not beat. Easy drinking and simply delicious. 

Ingredients: Bombay Gin, Lychee Liqueur, Rose Syrup, Lemon & Grapefruit Juice, Sugar Syrup
Pro Tip: If You Liked This, Follow With A ‘Pomegranate Bramble’

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espresso martini by Paradiso rooftop bar in Airlie Beach

‘Espresso Martini’ – Paradiso

Cocktails • Rooftop Bar • Seaview 

A quintessential Australian classic that has in the past few years become one of the most commonly ordered cocktails in Airlie Beach – The ‘Espresso Martini’. Found on almost every cocktail menu and almost always different it is a drink that allows the bar to express itself. Standing amongst other creative and dramatic cocktails on Paradiso’s menu, their Espresso Martini holds it’s own delivering a rich, earthy and yet adequately sweetened drink with a bold crema head. A perfect night starter. 

Ingredients: Kettle One Vodka, Kahlua, Espresso Simple Syrup
Pro Tip: The Rooftop Bar On Weekend Nights Goes Off

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sangria jug at mika, bar and restaurant airlie beach, whitsundays

Mika Airlie 

Latino • Funky • Fresh

It’s all in the description, funky and fresh how else better to describe Airlie Beach’s coolest Latin Australian venue. With a view to die for you’d be crazy not pop in with a friend,  take a seat at the window and order yourself a Passionfruit Sangria Jug. A tropical overload that can only be matched by the landscape of swaying palm trees, boats sailing and waves lapping at the shore. A drink best shared and a perfect pick me up on a roasting hot day. 

Ingredients: White Wine, Triple Sec, Rum, Passionfruit & Apple
Pro Tip: Great For Groups With Some Of The Best Service In Town.

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chocolate toblerone cocktail by Treehouse Airlie Beach

‘Daydream Toblerone’ – Treehouse

Contemporary • Brunch • Sea Views

The most decadent and our favourite dessert cocktail in town is no other than Treehouse’s ‘Daydream Toblerone’. A sweet tooth dream that has everything sweet, chocolatey and yummy that you could imagine. Hazlenutty Frangelico, Coffee Kahlua and Creamy Baileys blend together into a tower of deliciousness overload that is only made better by the hoe made chocolate brownie that sticks out the top. Bueno. 

Ingredients: Bailey’s, Kahlua, Frangelico, Ice Cream
Pro Tip: Ideal Dessert Option

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fruti tingle cocktail by hogs breath airlie beach

‘Fruit Tingle’ – Hog’s Breath Cafe

Steakhouse • Families • Cocktails

Last on our journey but certainly not the least is the invigorating and flavour bomb cocktail that is Hog’s Breath Cafe’s ‘Fruit Tingle’. It’s a perfect beverage if you’re after something light and not too heavy and love colourful fun drinks. The food tends to be decadent in nature such as their Boss Hog Ribs so a cocktail like this is a perfect way to cut through all that epicness. 

Ingredients: Vodka, Blue Curacao, Sprite & Grenadine
Pro Tip: Ask For A Table Outside

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Get Tasting!

No matter the occasion, whether living here or visiting, their is an absolute plethora of amazing cocktails out there in the Airlie Beach restaurant scene. Be brave, try something different or strange sounding and if it isn’t quite right, try the next one! Treat yourself, we’re all in Paradise after all…

Bon Appétit.

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