About Us

Whitsunday Menu was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic by two Airlie Beach locals, Jono Press and Alex Dakin. Like all good ideas, the lightbulb moment happened over a couple of beers on the balcony. Whilst the world was being put to rights, the two found themselves questioning why there was not one place with all of the information you need on local food options.

The crisis put a lot of strain on the hospitality industry and caused food and beverage businesses to restructure, redesign and rethink what they offer. With a rapidly changing environment, it became clear that communicating these changes effectively online became one of utmost importance. Whitsunday Menu was created with the idea of creating a centralised online community platform that would allow businesses to communicate all of the information that they believed to be important to their audience in real time.

As the project developed, the team realised that although providing this information was important, there was an opportunity to evolve the platform into one that promotes the amazing food and beverage that the region has to offer as well as streamlining everyone’s menus, image galleries, specials and contact details. Utilising the pair’s event catering experience, content creation and digital marketing skills, the pair set out on a new quest to increase knowledge of the area’s dining options and bridge the online gap between restaurants and the community.

In an ever changing market the team’s mission is to empower the people to support local businesses, try new things and make the most of the region’s incredible food and beverage scene, now and into the future.

Welcome to Whitsunday Menu.