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Dine In, Takeaway & Delivery

GF • DF • V • Vegan

Delivery Fees
Airlie Beach$10
Jubilee Pocket$10

Please note: Prices may vary slightly depending on distance from restaurant

Opening Hours
Tuesday5:30pm – 8:30pm
Wednesday12pm – 8:30pm
Thursday12pm – 8:30pm
Friday12pm – 8:30pm
Saturday12pm – 8:30pm
Sunday12pm – 8:30pm


About Us

Cool LaLa is located just off the main street in the heart of the Whitsundays, Airlie Beach. We boast a large Asian Fusion menu to satisfy all wants and needs. We take pride in delivering high quality Asian Fusion cuisine to eat in our beautiful restaurant or for takeaway, including delivery! Our menu also provides a wide range of dietary requirements, including a large range of vegan options. All of food is all cooked in our the authentic way, from scratch by our very experienced and skilled chefs.

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Cold Starter

Korean Kimchi  (VG) / 6

Traditional Korean dish of pickled, fermented cabbage, garlic, chilli powder and spices

Moderate Spicy

Japanese Seaweed Salad ⭐ (VG) / 6


Cool LaLa Homemade

Cool lala signature combo / 16

4 dumplings and 2 spring rolls

Pork Dumplings

Filled with pork mince and Chinese cabbage. Our signature handmade pan-fried dumplings made by our awesome chef!

3 dumplings / 9

6 dumplings / 15

Spring rolls / 9

3 spring rolls; crispy parcels of pork mince, stir-fried with Chinese cabbage, dried mushroom and carrots

Cool LaLa Asian Street Food

Taiwanese chicken bites ⭐ 

No.1 street food in Taiwan night market! Deep-fried bite-sized chicken with salt, pepper and basil

Small (250g) / 12

Large (500g) / 18

Taiwanese Night market calamari / 18

Crispy deep-fried squid rings coated with salt, pepper and basil, served with Thai sweet chilli sauce

cool lala night market combo / 25

Taiwanese chicken bites and Taiwanese calamari

(KFC) Korean fried chicken ⭐️ / 13

Crispy Korean fried chicken wings with a tangy sweet glaze

Moderate Spicy

Sang Choy Bow / 16

Stir-fried pork mince with capsicum, sweetcorn, served with baby cos lettuce to wrap

Mild Spicy


Taiwanese Braised beef cheek ⭐ / 26

Slow cooked for 8 hours in soy sauce, five spice chilli, Chinese herbs, carrots and tomatoes

Chinese steamed daily fish fillet / 26

Steamed to order; local fish with spring onion, ginger, coriander, and homemade sauce (please allow 20-30 minutes wait time for this dish)

Thai Spicy Chicken ⭐  / 23

Marinated in our homemade sauce and chilli, paired with our spiced garlic soy sauce, garnished with coriander

garlic butter prawns / 26

Filipino style, wok-fried prawns in a sweet and savoury garlic butter sauce

Chicken abodo / 20

Filipino dish, braised in soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaf and peppercorns

Pork Tonkatsu / 20

Japanese style loin cutlet, panko crumbed, shredded cabbage with sesame dressing and house apple-mustard sauce

Wok-Fried Rice

All of our rice contains free-range eggs

Thai tom yum fried rice / 20

Prawns and squid, wok-fried with Thai Tom Yum sauce

pineapple and prawn fried rice / 20

Sweet and salty, soy-sauce based fried rice

Veggies special fried rice (VG) / 18

Seasonal mixed vegetables and free-range eggs mixed

Sacha sauce pork fried rice / 18

Pork fried-rice with Taiwanese Sacha sauce

Mild Spicy

korean kimchi beef fried rice / 18

Spicy pickled, fermented cabbage with beef

Mild Spicy

Chinese special fried rice / 18

Stir-fried beef and vegetables with Chinese soy sauce

Curry fried rice / 18

Wok-fried beef with mild spiced curry powder and vegetables


Lao Gan Ma chilli sauce / 1

Fresh chopped chilli / 1

Take away container / 0.3

Customisable Mains

lao gan ma chilli sauce stir-fry ⭐️

Wok-fried with the famous Chinese Lao Gan Man chilli sauce mixed with seasonal vegetables. 

Beef / 20

Prawn / 26

Squid / 24

Prawn and Squid / 28

Tofu (VG) / 19

Moderate Spicy

Kung Pao

A traditional Sichuan spicy fried dish with dried chilli, onions and peanuts.

Free range chicken breast/ 20

Prawn / 26

Tofu (VG) / 19

Hot Spicy

Garlic Stir-Fry 

Garlic-based stir fry with seasonal vegetables.

All veggies (VG) / 16

QLD free range chicken / 20

Prawn / 26

Squid / 24

Prawn & squid / 28

Tofu (VG) / 19

Oyster sauce stir fry 

Wok fried seasonal vegetables in oyster sauce.

All veggies / 16

Beef / 20

Free range chicken breast / 20

Prawn / 26

Squid / 24

Prawn & Squid / 28 

Sweet and Sour ⭐ 

Pineapple, spring onion, capsicum stir-fried dish with sweet and sour sauce.

Free range chicken breast / 20

Pork / 22

Fried daily fish fillet / 26

Tofu (VG) / 19

Korean Kimchi stir-fry

Pickled, fermented cabbage in Korean spices, wok-fried with onions and chillis

Beef / 20

Pork / 20

Prawn / 26

Squid / 24

Prawn & Squid / 28

Tofu (VG) / 19

Moderate Spicy

spring onion stir fry 

Wok-fried with fresh spring onion, shallots and soy sauce base

Beef / 20

Pork / 20

Tofu (VG) / 19

Thai tom yum stir-fry (hot & sour)

Wok-fried with onions, chillis, lemongrass and spices in special Tom Yum sauce.

Prawn / 26

Squid / 24

Prawn and squid / 28

Fried daily fish fillet / 26

Mild Spicy

Taiwanese Three-Cup

Sweet and savoury, cooked in soy sauce, Taiwanese wine, ginger, basil, and chillis. One of Taiwan’s favourite dishes!

Free range chicken breast / 20

Squid / 24

Tofu (VG) / 19 

hot black pepper

Wok-fried with onions, chillis, bacon, and home made special black pepper sauce, doused with wine.

Beef / 20

Pork / 20

Tofu (VG) / 19

Moderate Spicy

Sides & Rice

Steamed Jasmine Rice / 3
Whitsunday Grown Green Paw-Paw Salad / 6

Fresh crunchy green papaya and carrots with a sweet and tangy Thai-sauce

Bubble Tea

1 – Pick your tea base

Milky Bubble

Fruity Bubble

Black Tea or Green Tea


2 – Pick your flavour

Traditional Bubble milk tea
Chocolate Bubble
Taro bubble
Matcha Bubble
Mange Bubble Milk Tea
Coconut bubble
Passion fruit
Green Apple

3 – Pick your toppings

Pearls (tapioca)

Traditional topping goes well with all flavours, especially Milky Bubble

Jelly coconut pulp

Lychee, Mango, Green Apple or Rainbow

Popping Boba

Lychee, Mango, Green Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry or Passionfruit

Kanteen Jelly Ball
dietary requirements and Surcharges

Please notify staff regarding any dietary modifications, some dishes can be served gluten free upon request.

VG – Vegan    V – Vegetarian

GF – Gluten Free    LTD – Limited

⭐️  – All-time Favourite

**surcharges apply on public holidays**

Whitsunday Menu holds no responsibility for dietary claims made within this menu. It is the individual’s responsibility to check ingredients used in the food does not compromise any special dietary requirements.


Scott Douglas – December 2020

Great food great price for what you get deffo recommend for takeaway.

Hayden Morison – January 2021

Great food and service! Thanks Tegan!

Inna Ishchecko – February 2021

Cool little place with friendly staff and great selection of Asian beers and bubble teas 😍 The bubble tea is huge 😂 I could not finish even half 🙂 and food portions are quite big too!


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