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Opening Hours
Monday10am – Late
Tuesday10am – Late
Wednesday10am – Late
Thursday10am – Late
Friday10am – Late
Saturday10am – Late
Sunday10am – Late
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Our courtesy bus runs between:

Monday – Thursday4pm – Late
Friday3pm – Late
Saturday11am – Late
Sunday12pm – Late

Call now for our door to door bus service!

About Us

The Jubilee Tavern, located just 1km from Airlie Beach is the place to be. We boast a large menu accompanied with an array of entertainment to make sure that there is something for everyone here at The Jubilee Tavern. What do we offer? Spacious indoor and out-door dining, entertainment and live bands, sports bar featuring TAB, sports bet and keno along with a pool table, a kids outdoor playground, gaming room facilities, bingo weekly, trivia weekly, private event hire, and even a COURTESY BUS! Call Now!


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Entrées & Light Snacks

Classic Garlic and Herb Bread (V) / 6.9

Fresh roll baked with garlic & herb butter

Cheesy garlic bread (V) / 8.9

Fresh roll baked with garlic & herb butter and melted cheese

Cheese and Bacon Bread / 9.9

Fresh roll baked with garlic & herb butter, crispy bacon and melted cheese

Bruschetta (V) 9.9

A true classic with tomato, onion & basil, drizzled with a balsamic glaze

Chicken Wings (DFO) / 14.9

Juicy chicken wings with a honey BBQ sauce served with a side of ranch dressing

Louisiana style chicken wings (GF) / 14.9

Buffalo chicken wings smothered in Louisiana sauce served with blue cheese dressing and coleslaw

Salt & Pepper Calamari (GF,DFO) / 14.9

Flash fried calamari dusted with salt and pepper mixture served with lemon and tartare

3 natural oysters (GF,DF) / 10.9

Natural Pacific oysters served with lemon wedges

3 Kilpatrick oysters (DF) / 12.9

Pacific oysters grilled with crispy bacon and house made BBQ sauce served with lemon wedges

Chips and Gravy (V,DF) / 6.9

Crunchy beer battered chips with a side of gravy or aioli

Sweet potato wedges (GF,V,DFO) / 8.9

Crunchy sweet potato wedges served with garlic aioli

Pub Favourites

Airlie Magic Burger / 21.9

Prime beef, bacon, egg, caramelised onion, beetroot, pineapple, crisp lettuce and a house made relish with a choice of 2 sides

Southern Fried Chicken Burger / 20.9

Our signature fried chicken with coleslaw, Sriracha mayo and a choice of 2 sides

Classic Steak Sandwich / 22.9

Prime steak, crispy lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce on lightly toasted thick-cut toast and a choice of 2 sides

Add egg / 2.5

Beer battered fish (DFO) / 26.9

Beer battered reef fish, served with lemon, tartare and a choice of 2 sides

Seafood plate (GFO,DFO) / 31.9

Grilled reef fish, salt and pepper calamari, garlic mussels & prawns served with tartare, lemon and a choice of 2 sides

Add 2 natural oysters / 5

Add 2 Kilpatrick oysters / 7

Bangers and Mash (GF) / 17.9

Thick and juicy gourmet sausages served with mash potato, sautéed onions and gravy

Chicken Schnitzel (DF) / 24.9

In house panko-crumbed chicken breast served with a choice of 2 sides and a sauce

Chicken Parmigiana / 26.9

Panko crumbed chicken breast with Napoli sauce, ham & melted cheese, served with a choice of 2 sides and a sauce

Mixed Grill (GFO,DF) / 31.9

150g rib fillet steak, lamb chop, bacon, sausage, caramelised onion, egg, grilled tomato, served with a choice of 2 sides and a sauce

From the Grill

400g Prime Rib on the bone (GF,DF) / 41.9

“5 Star Best Seller”

Cooked to your specification with a choice of 2 sides and a sauce

300g rump steak (GF,DF) / 28.9

Cooked to your specification with a choice of 2 sides and a sauce

300g black Angus reserve scotch fillet (GF,DF) / 39.9

Cooked to your specification with your choice of 2 sides and a sauce

Chargrilled butterflied chicken breast (GF,DF) / 35.9

250g chicken breast chargrilled served with a choice of 2 sides and a sauce

Barkers creek king island pork chop (GF,DF) / 35.9

300g pork chop served with the choice of 2 sides and a sauce

Crispy Skin Atlantic salmon (GF,DF) / 29.9

Pan-fried salmon, with lemon & wine, served with a choice of 2 sides and a sauce


S&P dusted calamari with garlic cream (GF,DFO) / 7

Creamy garlic prawns (GF) / 13

Honey BBQ or buffalo wings (DFO) / 7

Avocado (GF,DF) / 4

Egg (GF,DF) / 2.5


Beer battered chips (V,DF)

Mashed Potato (GF,V)

Potato of the day

Coleslaw (GF,V,DF)

Asian stir fry veg (GF,DF,V)

Thai side salad (GF,DF,V)

Sweet potato fries / 2

Sauces / 1.5

Mushroom (GF), gravy (DF,GF), pepper sauce (GF), garlic cream (GF,V), Dianne sauce (GF), spicy apples sauce, tomato sauce, garlic aioli, BBQ sauce, Tartare sauce (GF)


Hawaiian (GFO) / 23.9

Napoli base, ham, pineapple and cheese

BBQ Meatlovers (GFO) / 23.9

BBQ base, ham, ground beef, chicken and cheese

BBQ Chicken (GFO) / 23.9

BBQ base, chicken, ham, mushrooms, onion and cheese

Daintree (GFO) / 25.9

Ranch base, chicken, capsicum, avocado and cheese

Supreme (GFO) / 23.9

Napoli base, ham, onion, olives, pineapple, capsicum and cheese

Vegetarian (GFO) / 23.9

Napoli base, roast pumpkin, mushrooms, onion, spinach, capsicum and cheese

Gluten free option / 3


Prawn and mango salad (GF,DFO) / 19.9

Fresh rocket, cherry tomatoes, Spanish onion and a lemon butter dressing

Caesar salad (GFO,DFO,VO,VGO) / 16.9

Cos lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese, egg and Caesar dressing

Thai Salad (V,GFO) / 16.9

Crisp lettuce, cucumber, onion, crunchy noodles and our special Asian dressing

Salad Toppers

Salt and pepper dusted calamari / 7

Prawns / 8

Chicken / 7

Tender Beef / 7

Avocado / 4

Egg / 2.5

From the Pan

Creamy Chicken Carbonara Fettuccine (GFO) / 24.9

Fettuccine with chicken, bacon, mushroom, parmesan cheese in a creamy sauce

Beef Bolognese (GFO,DFO) / 22.9

Beef bolognese with fettuccine pasta, topped with mozzarella cheese

Creamy garlic Prawns (GF) / 25.9

Creamy garlic prawns, finished with fresh baby spinach served on a bed of fluffy jasmine rice

King prawn risotto (GF) / 25.9

Marinated prawns, sautéed ina. creamy garlic sauce topped with fresh parmesan

Kids Meals

Includes Ice cream


Pizza / 12.9

Choose from ham and cheese, Hawaiian or BBQ chicken

Chicken Nuggets / 12.9

Chicken nuggets, beer battered chips and sauce

Honey BBQ chicken tenders

Honey BBQ chicken tenders with beer battered chips and sauce

Beef Bolognese / 12.9

Beef bolognese with fettuccine pasta and mozzarella

Tender steak / 12.9

Tender steak with beer battered chips and sauce

Fish and chips / 12.9

Fish and beer battered chips and sauce


Ice cream Bowl / 5

Choose from a variety of flavours with sauce

Daily special treat / TBA

Check out our daily specials board for details

Dietary Symbols

GF – Gluten Free    GFO – Gluten Free Option

V – Vegetarian    VO – Vegetarian Option

    VG – Vegan    VGO – Vegan Option

DF – Dairy Free    DFO – Dairy Free Option

Whitsunday Menu holds no responsibility for dietary claims made within this menu. It is the individual’s responsibility to check ingredients used in the food does not compromise any special dietary requirements.

Specials, News & Events


Skye Taylor – May 2021

Fantastic covered kids playground. Meals were reasonably priced and big serves. Fish was very fresh. Staff were lovely and friendly and gave the kids colouring in pencils and paper. A 5 min drive away from the main tourist area but lovely mountain views. Would definitely come here again next time we are in Airlie

Colleen McCaw – July 2021

what can I say? Greeted by fabulous staff on arrival and given the rundown to the loos and everything besides. Our meals were fabulous. I now need a laydown to digest it.

Cherie Harber – February 2021

Great atmosphere, service and food.


Source: Facebook Reviews