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Opening Hours
Monday 11am – 12am
Tuesday 11am – 12am
Wednesday 11am – 12am
Thursday 11am – 12am
Friday 11am – 12am
Saturday 11am – 12am
Sunday 11am – 12am

About Us

KC’s Bar & Grill has been operating in Airlie Beach for the last 30 years and is the area’s original steakhouse and live music venue! Serving a wide range of delicious classic steaks accompanied by aussie game meats including kangaroo, crocodile, buffalo and emu, we promise you will not be stuck for choice. We also serve a range of vegetarian meals, burgers and delicious cocktails to indulge in. Street seating in the heart of Airlie Beach means you get to take in the atmosphere in town whilst you sit back, relax and enjoy some live local musicians every night of the week!


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Garlic Bread / 9

Add cheese or bacon / 3

Spicy Crunchy Chilli Prawns / 15

Served with Asian salad & lime aioli

Seasoned Potato Wedges / 13

Served with Sriracha aioli

Chilli Bean Nachos / 19

Mixed corn chips topped with chilli beans, cheese, house-made corn & tomato salsa, guacamole & sour cream

Add beef brisket / 6

Bruschetta / 14

Local Bowen cherry tomatoes, ricotta, onion, balsamic reduction & basil oil

Mac & Cheese / 14

Macaroni pasta, bacon, & spring onions mixed in a creamy cheese sauce & topped with toasted bread crumbs


Smokey BBQ or spicy buffalo

Served with aioli dipping sauce

Small / 12

Large / 20

Add blue cheese sauce / 2

loaded fries

Plain / 8

Gravy / 10

Bacon, cheese and gravy / 14

Main Course

Australian game platter / 39

Charred kangaroo loin,  emu sausages, fried crocodile skewers, spicy wild bore meatballs, beetroot relish, creamy garlic sauce, chips & salad

Kangaroo loin / 35

Charred kangaroo loin, crushed garlic & rosemary chat potatoies, beetroot relish & vegetables

Crocodile / 35

Fried crocodile skewers, crushed garlic, & rosemary chat potatoes, beetroot relish & vegetables

Slow Cooked Beef Brisket / 27

Louisiana style rubbed brisket, garlic & rosemary crushed chat potatoes, broccolini, carrots & gravy

Crumbed Parmigiana / 25

Crumbed chicken breast topped with Napoli, mozzarella and bacon with chips and salad

Eggplant Parmi (VGO) / 25

Served with chips and salad

Fish and Chips / 25

Beer battered reef fish served with chips, garden salad, tartare sauce and lemon

Lemon Pepper Calamari / 26

Served with chips, salad, tartare sauce and lemon

Superfood Salad / 22

Quinoa & brown rice, edamame, crunchy slaw, mixed leaf, crushed avocado, baby beetroots, broccolini, goji berries & honey mustard dressing

Add crunchy chicken thigh / 12

Add prawn skewers / 12

Add halloumi / 10

Add calamari / 10

From the Grill

All grilled meals served with chips, salad and your choice of sauce:

Mushroom, peppercorn, gravy, creamy garlic or truffle butter

Add 2 prawn skewers in a creamy garlic sauce / 12


220g eye fillet / 49
300g rib fillet / 47
200g sirloin / 31
200g rump / 29
250g Picanha / 34
500g rib on the bone / 95
Grilled Salmon / 32
Sticky BBQ Pork Ribs

Slow-cooked pork ribs glazed with a sticky Bundaberg rum BBQ sauce, creamy slaw & chips

1/2 rack / 36

Full rack / 47

KC’s Meat Tower / 175

200g sirloin, 200g rump, 1/2 rack of sticky pork ribs, 1/2 kg buffalo wings, slow-cooked beef brisket & emu sausage served with house sauces, chips & salad


All burgers served with chips


Cheese Burger / 27

Double wagyu beef patty, hi melt American cheese, pickles, lettuce, KC’s burger sauce and tomato sauce

Southern Fried Chicken Burger / 26

Crunchy fried chicken thigh, slaw, Sriracha aioli & cheese

Halloumi Burger / 23

Deep-fried halloumi. beetroot relish, lettuce & tomato

Fish Burger / 25

Beer battered whole fish fillet, tomato, lettuce & tartare sauce

KC’s Kids

All served with chips, tomato sauce & soft drink or juice of choice


Cheeseburger / 13
Chicken nuggets / 13
Salt & Pepper Calamari / 12

Extra Sides

Vegetables / 7
Chat Potatoes / 7
Garden Salad / 7


Airlie passion

Vodka, Passoa, fresh lime, passionfruit and soda

Double rum mojito

Mount Gay Silver, Bacardi, lime, mint and soda

Fruit Tingle

Vodka, Blue Curacao, lemonade and grenadine

Airlie Beach Iced Tea

Vodka, gin, Bacardi, Cointreau, lemon juice and Coca-Cola


Strawberry/Mango, Bacardi, fruit liquor and fruit 

Pina Colada

Bacardi, Malibu, coconut cream and pineapple juice

Naughty & Spiced

Licor 43, Bacardi Oakheart, dry ginger and lime

Little Devil

Vodka, Kahlua, Mr. Bean and and sugar syrup

French Martini 

Vodka, Chambord and pineapple juice

Ocean Spray 

Malibu, peach schnapps, Blue Curacao, vodka and pineapple juice

Spicy Margarita

Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and jalapeños 

Dietary Symbols

VG – Vegan    VGO – Vegan Option Available    

VO – Vegetarian Option Available

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Shanaya Bronn – August 2021

Welcoming and bubbly staff who know how to make a good drink and remember what you ordered, great atmosphere, kinda a outback vibe but via the sea, amazing food choices with meat on display so you know what you are getting and just amazing food for a great price!f.

Keith Tyler – January 2021

We had the locally sourced Reef fish and chips if this is what they serve up by way of fish and chips in a steak place I can only imagine what the steak would be like!!! Absolutely beautiful fish with genuine home made batter fresh salad crispy chips 10/10 from me would definitely recommend and will be back for one of those Steaks. Great friendly atmosphere and staff all round a great place to eat and drink

Ange Craig N Jess – May 2021

Beautiful Mother’s Day lunch at KC’s yesterday ?
Fabulously friendly staff, yum food, great entertainment and the best bit for us – it’s wheelchair accessible!! ?????????


Source: Facebook Reviews