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About Us

You have heard of sushi train, but have you heard of sushi boat? Our unique restaurant will make sure you that you feel like you are in a different world. With boats floating your cuisine around a huge tropical fish tank, you are sure to have a unique dining experience. Located on the main street of Airlie Beach, we are here and available for your sushi cravings.

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Mini munchkin sushi / 2

One filling only: cucumber, avocado, cooked tuna

Red Plate / 3.7

Crispy panko chicken

Satay grilled chicken

Teriyaki chicken

Chicken Caesar

Grilled chicken

Lemon chicken

Ginger and garlic poached chicken

Salt and vinegar chicken

Sweet chilli chicken

Spice dusted chicken


Wakame and avocado

Seafood crab stick

Cucumber and avocado

Cooked tuna

Teriyaki beef

Crispy chicken with cream cheese

Karage chicken with Japanese mayo

Yellow Plate / 4.4

Raw Tasmanian salmon

Raw tuna

Spicy raw tuna

Tempura fish


Teriyaki kangaroo

Raw salmon with cream cheese


Green Plate / 5.4

Tasmanian smoked salmon

Philly smoked salmon

Salmon, avocado and wakame

California prawn

California Salmon

Panko crumbed prawn

Tempura prawn

Orange Plate / 6.4

Salmon supreme (orange dot)

Tuna supreme

Grilled double salmon


Red Plate / 10

Crabstick, avocado and mayonnaise

Tempura vegetable nigiri

Free range tomago

Chicken, avocado and mayonnaise


Please let us know if you would like wasabi on your nigiri

Green plate / 10

Salt and pepper squid






Orange Plate / 6.4

Panko prawn and avocado

Tempura prawn and avocado

Prawn and avocado

Salmon and avocado

Tuna and avocado

Grilled salmon


Red PLate / 3.7


Creamy seafood crab stick

Creamy free range egg

Hot Selection

Please place an order with our crew

Prawn Twisters ?  / 6.4

Panko crumbed prawns ?  / 6.4

Tempura chicken balls ?  / 5.4

Calamari ?  / 5.4

Vegetable spring rolls ?  / 6.4

Crispy squid ?  / 6.4

Chicken karage with Japanese mayo ?  / 6.4

Gyoza’s vegetarian, prawn, seafood or chicken ?  / 6.4

Steamed rice / 2

Agadashi tofu / 8.5


Miso (the Asian superfood) / 3

Vegetarian, seafood or chicken miso ramen (meal size) / 10

Shoyu ramen (meal size) / 10

Vegetarian, seafood or chicken traditional soy-based ramen noodle soup / 10


Chicken katsu curry served with rice / 10

Chicken karage on rice with traditional Japanese mayo / 10

Panko prawn katsu curry served with rice / 12

Katsu tofu curry with rice / 10

Meals Deal for Two / 35

2 miso soups

18 pieces of mixed sushi and nigiri (chefs selection)

10 piece of mixed hot food range

2 icecreams


Also available for one person / 17.5

Available in mixed option, vegetarian, chicken or seafood options

Something on the Side?

Sashimi / 6.4

Seafood, salmon, tuna, teriyaki, or chicken chirashi sushi (or scattered sushi) / 10

Wakame seaweed salad ?  / 4.4

Chilli wakame seaweed salad ?  / 5.4

Inari pocket / 2

Wakame or creamy seafood flavour filled inari pocket / 2.5

Side salad / 3.7

Eaaname / 3.7

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Tina Cionti – December 2020

Sushi Hi makes the most AMAZING Vegan Poke Bowl. Every mouthful was simply delightful and every time I thought I had found every element of the dish I would come across a new suprise. Love Love Loved it! Ingredients were fresh, serving was large, great price and Michelle is just beautiful. Will be back again today😍

Katherine Pacey – December 2020

Delicious food with friendly service. We’ll be back!

Source: Facebook Reviews